Announcing the new U.S. Advocacy for Value Board (USAV)

By Renee L. Hoekstra, CVS

This is an exciting time for those of us in the United States. There have been many transitions throughout the history of SAVE International, remembering that we started as the Society of American Value Engineers. It is important to now recognize that SAVE is truly focused on everything value on an international scale.

With this understanding, it is important for those of us in the U.S. to understand that with the formation of this Board, in alliance with SAVE, this now gives us a single focus and that is our PACE initiative within the U.S. This is an important and needed opportunity to aid our U.S. government and manufacturing partners and clients as this will be a board with a focus on our customers who promote and use the Value Methodology.

A Tiger Team was developed in late 2022 with the following mission: “Determine the structure, function and funding of a structure that encompasses all U.S. chapters with the focus on continued promotion and advocacy of the Value Methodology, with a focus on continuing the A131 Circular and other government-based or required programs.” I would like to thank the Tiger Team for all of their efforts!

The Tiger Team developed some wonderful information for this Board and completed a Functional Analysis, not to be confused with Function Analysis, to determine how and what this group should use as an initial focus.

Once the Board is up and running, we will then increase the Board to integrate manufacturing/industry individuals who can help with a similar focus within the U.S. We will be using our USAV networking event in November of 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky as an opportunity to kick off this program for government.