Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation Announces Advanced ‘Function Models Guide’ Orientation Training

By Bruce Lenzer, President -Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation

The Lawrence D Miles Value Foundation (MVF) is announcing its newest publication titled ‘Function Models Guide’. This guide covers several innovations and variations beyond the basics of Function Analysis and the Function Analysis System Technique (FAST). Some of these advanced models and techniques are built on the foundation of FAST and considered 21 century innovations to help teams with complex processes and projects. A few of the techniques were innovative evolutions during the 1970’s and included Classical, Technical, and Customer FAST.

Charles Bytheway was the inventor of the FAST and Jerry Kaufman innovated Classical and Technical FAST as well as other important supporting innovations such as dimensioning the FAST diagram.

Function Analysis innovations continued in the 1970’s and 1980’s including Function Cost Models and Function Cost Worth Models. Alphonse Dell’Isola and Don Parker were credited with these models.

Further innovative advancements were developed in the mid to late 1990’s and early turn of the century. These include:

  • Function Tree Model
  • Hybrid FAST
  • Organizational FAST

As part of rolling out the ‘Function Models Guide’, the MVF is also announcing the launch of the Miles Value Institute (MVI). The new MVI platform will contain Value Methodology (VM) advancement resources that can be shared with MVF members and those interested in expanding their tools that aide in Project Management, Risk, Team Facilitation, Value, and Quality improvements. The MVF-MVI site can be accessed at

Authors will be presenting their chapter of the ‘Function Models Guide’ during a 3-hour orientation training session on Saturday, June 1, 2024 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at The Westin Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee. This MVF session is being held in conjunction with the SAVE International 2024 Value Summit, June 2-4, 2024 at the same venue.

The Advanced ‘Function Models Guide’ Orientation Training session registration fee is $190 USD. Those interested in attending can register for the session through the 2024 Value Summit registration site at

Each MVF session registrant will receive the following:

  • Function Models Guide book
  • MVF MVI site access before and 48 hours after the 2024 Value Summit
  • Free downloads for some training modules
  • $25 of the registration fee is considered a donation for a 1-year membership in the MVF
  • 3 PDUs

Following the session, the MVF will be hosting a reception serving hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments ahead of the MVF Annual Business Meeting. The tentative agenda for the MVF session is below:

1300 Welcome Introduction & Opening CommentsDr. Stephen Kirk / Bruce Lenzer
1310 Classical & Technical FASTDr. Stephen Kirk
1325 Customer Function Model & Function VisualizationMathia Kasi
1350 Function Tree ModelLucie Parrot
1410 Function Cost ModelSteve Garrett
1425 Function Cost Worth ModelDon Parker
1440 Break
1450 Hybrid FASTBruce Lenzer
1520 Organizational FASTJames McCuish / Charles Jennings
1550 Questions & AnswersAll
1600 Closing CommentsDr. Stephen Kirk / Bruce Lenzer
1700 MVF Annual Business MeetingDrew Algase / Bruce Lenzer
1800 Adjourn

Please consider an annual pledge to help perpetuate the legacy of Lawrence (Larry) D. Miles and to further the promotion and development of advancements of the VM. Individuals who donate at least $25 USD per year are automatically a member of the MVF for one year and have the privilege of voting at the MVF Annual Business Meeting. Donors can designate to one of three funds:

  • General Fund
  • Education Fund
  • Miles Value Institute Fund

MVF-MVI future plans include developing advanced Value Enhancing Methods training to help practitioners learn innovative ways to incorporate other tools and techniques that compliment VM. Therefore, your ongoing MVF membership will allow access to additional advanced content and course offerings for which MVF and SAVE recognized PDUs will be awarded.

For more information about the MVF, visit

NOTE: The Miles Value Foundation is a Charitable Foundation chartered as a US 501c3 with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A portion ($25) of the registration fee is considered a tax deductible donation for US citizens and companies and possibly other countries where tax deferred donations are applicable.