Editor’s Voice – March/April 2024

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

I am one of two Certified Value Specialist (CVS) in my organization and looking to grow. The workload is there, but to say it is hard to find CVS’ is an understatement.  To address that shortfall of internal peer camaraderie, there is a colleague at another firm that I reach out to sharpen the saw on delivering Value Engineering (VE) studies and the function analysis phase effort.  This has been a sustainable and reciprocated relationship and I wonder if others out there who are in practices with only one or two CVS also long for opportunity to share the good and bad of studies and lessons learned in the approach to always improving the delivery of studies. 

I know it is challenging to get a seasoned CVS practitioner to share techniques, but please do try to find a mentor or peer so that these dialogues can happen.  It helps the overall SAVE International community to ensure that our VE Team Leaders are well versed and well-honed in delivering impeccable and timely studies.  Thus, improving and growing the impact and desire for the Value Methodology (VM) services in the future.  This will augment the formal programs that SAVE provides at our annual Value Summit and monthly and quarterly meetings and seminars.

Enjoy this issue and I hope to see and communicate with a lot of you at the 2024 Value Summit in Nashville, TN this June 2-4.  There is a lot of great information in this issue from updates on the Certification approach, information related to the Value Summit, the new Miles Value Institute (and a great seminar to target Function improvements), and other timely articles.  Stay safe out there everyone!