Global Corner – VE Events Around the Globe

By Marc Pauwels, CVS, TVM, FSAVE – Director Global Affairs, SAVE International

The SAVE International 2023 Value Summit was held virtually this past June and was a huge success! We are all looking forward to the in-person 2024 Value Summit in the USA. In the meantime, there are a lot of opportunities and events happening around the world:

The SAVE International Gulf Chapter is a partner of the 5th International Quality & Value Engineering Conference organized by Tashkeel Events in Al Khobar, KSA on September 12-13. The theme is “Value Management in the Age of Variability” and the organizing committee has selected and invited a variety of distinguished speakers and experts from various countries. Click here to view the program brochure or contact for more information.

Value Analysis Canada will hold its 2023 Value Symposium virtually October 3-5. It will consist of half days of presentations to allow attendees from different time zones to participate, either early in the morning for Western America, around lunch time for Eastern America, at the end of a workday for Europe, in the evening for Eastern Europe and during the evening or night for Asia. The theme of the conference is “Getting Big Things Done with Value Management”. The program is being worked on now and those who would like to speak are still welcome. Please contact Amin Sarang, Conference Chair, at or visit for more details.

The Austrian Society of Valuemanagers will hold its 2023 Valuemanagers Summit in-person on October 11-12 in Graz, Austria. Eighteen international speakers will contribute to this conference, which is embedded in the World Usability Conference. For more information and to register, visit

The Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) will hold its 39th Annual International Conference in-person on December 1-2 in Bangalore, India. The theme is “Sustainability through Value Engineering” and the call for papers is open until October 17. More information can be found at

I encourage you to support the efforts of our colleagues in the different countries to organize these highly valued events by joining them and by contributing to these events as speakers or sponsors.