SAVE International Announces USAV Day

We are kicking off the U.S. Advocacy for Value (USAV) Board in association with SAVE International with a government focused USAV Day on November 16 in Louisville, KY.

This will be an opportunity for networking and a focus on federal, state and local governments to discuss the use of the Value Methodology (VM) and how this new board can help to focus their efforts on supporting our government partners. Please send an invite to all of your government clients to have them join us!

This event will focus on promoting and improving value program for government agencies within the U.S. All are welcome to attend and colleagues from government agencies in other countries will find this event invaluable.

Many of us will be in-person in Louisville and we hope we can get several more to attend. This will be a hybrid event so that we can encourage as much participation as possible. In-person attendees will benefit from additional networking opportunities, but there is a virtual networking option as well.

This is an exciting time for the VM and we are hoping to get a strong turnout for this event.

Visit for complete information and to register. We look forward to seeing you in November!