2022 Value Summit Recap

By John Corcoran, PE, CVS – Director of Conferences, SAVE International

The SAVE International 2022 Value Summit is now history.  It was great seeing so many of you in person once again.  The time since the last in-person Summit in 2019 seemed to drag, but once I saw you in-person again it seemed as if no time had passed and those old friendships were as strong as ever.  At least that was my experience.  It was also great to see so many new faces.  If this was your first Value Summit, I hope it was a great experience for you and that you will return for the next live Value Summit (more on that later).

The response to the Value Summit was overwhelmingly positive.  The kind words that we received from so many of you are very much appreciated, but there is always room for improvement!  We have received some constructive criticism and suggestions for enhancing the program.  Please know that all this feedback will be considered and discussed by the Value Summit planning committee.  Every Summit attendee has different needs and expectations, and we strive to offer a program that all attendees will find valuable.

And now regarding future live Summits… We had been working under the direction that in-person Summits would only occur in even-numbered years moving forward and that Summits would be virtual in odd-numbered years.  The attendance for this year’s Summit was encouraging enough that a live event in 2023 with virtual capabilities is now being considered.  Because we do not have a city or venue selected, we will have to move quickly to make a hybrid event in 2023 a reality but we are up to the challenge.  I will have more information in future Value World articles.

Until then, please stay healthy and safe.