Editors’ Voice – November 2019

By David Bloxom, PE, VMA – Editor, Value World

In Value Engineering (VE) consulting there are times when we work with clients on VE projects who are very black and white, wrong or right, yes or no, etc. Specifically, on processes they struggle with the concept where Value Methodology (VM) will improve their processes to make them “faster, better AND cheaper”. (I know I’m not to use the word “cheaper” but am using it to make a point.) But they want it “fast AND good AND cheap”.

So when I work with a difficult “black and white” client I say the following to get their attention:

“You can have it fast, good, cheap. Pick any two.”

This is about as black and white as I can come up with. I find that quite often it works. They start to see the three different components and start talking about what they will gain in balance VM brings to the table.

If you have a client like this that still cannot see the value in this balance, I suggest you ask yourself this simple question:

“Is this a client you want to work with?”