Editor’s Voice – January/February 2023

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

I think for this New Year, I am going to make resolutions and stick with them. Why this year? Because, like a lot of us, I am running on fumes and even more so with the winter holiday season just ending.

I think I will make my resolutions small and manageable like 1) begin every morning with meditation and exercise, 2) return to developing lists for tasks that need to be accomplished each day, 3) remember to rejoice in the small, good things that happen daily, and 4) end each day with flossing. Like I said, small things.

I hope my peers across the globe are also doing the little things to keep their sanity and to keep moving in the right direction.

Other SAVE-International-based resolutions for everyone include the following:

  • Get excited for the virtual 2023 Value Summit,
  • Consider serving on the SAVE Board,
  • Consider recognizing one of your colleagues or clients for a SAVE award,
  • Remember to supply company information for the SAVE Consultant Directory, and
  • Consider writing an article for inclusion in future Value World editions.

Thanks, and Happy New Year to everyone!