Certification Maintenance Audit Announcement

By Bob Rude, PE, CVS-Life, FSAVE – Chairman, SAVE International Certification Board

As provided for in the Certification Program, SAVE International is required to perform a random audit of 10% of its VMA and CVS certificants. The Certification Audit Committee will begin the CVS audit process via random selection in October 2022.  The selected individuals will be required to submit backup documentation to substantiate the 40 PDUs claimed on their affidavits.

The Committee plans to follow with the VMA audit in the next couple of months. Prior to the start of the VMA audit, all VMAs will be notified of the VMA audit process.  VMAs are required to document 8 PDUs claimed on their affidavits.

Below are the details on the CVS certification audit process:

Part I – CVS Maintenance

In addition to paying every two (2) years a maintenance fee of $180 USD (Members) or $500 USD (non-members), you are required to submit the CVS Maintenance Affidavit Form. This is a short form that asks for updated contact information and for you to attest that you have obtained the required 40 PDUs over the past two years.  You are not required to submit backup documentation with the biennial maintenance affidavit and fee.

Full CVS maintenance requirements can be found online at www.value-eng.org/CVSmaintenance.

Part II – Audit Process

  • Following your submission of the maintenance affidavit form/fees, you will be notified if you have been randomly selected for audit.
  • Upon receipt of the audit notice, please download and complete the CVS Maintenance Summary Workbook posted online at www.value-eng.org/CVSmaintenance. The workbook is ONLY required if audited.
  • Within 30 days, submit the completed CVS Maintenance Summary Workbook and back-up documentation to substantiate the required 40 PDUs claimed on the CVS Maintenance Affidavit form.  Backup documentation includes but is not limited to:
    • PDU Certificates
    • Attendance Lists
    • Agendas
    • Syllabi
    • Other material that documents attendance and content
  • The CVS Audit Committee will review your audit packet and will provide a response within 60 days of receipt.

With the potential of an audit and as outlined in the Certification Manual, SAVE has recommended that CVS certification holders maintain an up-to-date digital folder with documentation related to any professional development sessions, conferences and events attended, presentations made, training conducted or any other service or VM promotion done over the past two years.  It is also recommended that all CVS certification holders utilize the CVS Maintenance Summary Workbook to track their PDUs over the course of their certification two-year period.  A sample audit packet will be posted on the CVS Maintenance page of the website for future reference. 

Please note that failure to comply with the audit will result in termination of the CVSs application for certification maintenance.

Should you have any questions for the Committee regarding the audit process, please send an email to certification@value-eng.org.