2022 Value Summit Update

By John Corcoran, PE, CVS – Director of Conferences, SAVE International

Hello Value World readers!  We are now just one month away from our 2022 Value Summit in Arizona.  Time is flying!  A lot of the major components to the Summit are now complete.  Registration is open, the schedule has been posted, sponsors have been pledging their support, etc.  We are down to addressing last-minute schedule changes and other details.

The last initiative I would like to offer for this year’s Summit is the opportunity for international chapters and affiliates to submit a video summarizing their highlights from the past year.  You may remember that last year’s virtual Summit included such videos mixed in with the paper presentations.  These videos allowed us all to stay apprised of how our international colleagues continued to practice the Value Methodology (VM) during COVID.  The feedback to these videos was overwhelmingly positive. 

Because these videos were so well received and because so many of our international members are still not able to or comfortable with travel, we will again include them as part of the Summit schedule.  The details of the content and submission guidelines for these videos will be explained in a separate email blast, but the intent is to broadcast the videos in a continuous loop at the in-person Summit.  I look forward to participation from all our international chapters and affiliates.

As we draw closer to this year’s Summit, I ask you all to please help with promotion of the event.  If you are already registered, please try to bring a personal contact.  If you cannot attend, please invite someone in your organization who may benefit from attending.  As you receive emails from SAVE International, please forward them to contacts that are not members of SAVE.  Please focus on contacts you may have in Arizona or some of the surrounding states in the southwest U.S. 

Let us continue to bring the VM to as many industries and organizations as we can.  Let us start “Turning Up the Heat on Value!

I am excited to see you all in Arizona in June!