ICEC World Congress 2022

The Dutch Association of Cost Engineering (DACE) will organize the international ICEC World Congress in Rotterdam, Netherlands this June 12-15, 2022.

ICEC (International Cost Engineering Council) is an organization co-founded by DACE. More than 40 organizations, active in 120 countries, are members of ICEC and they represent approximately 300,000 Cost Engineers worldwide. The ICEC World Congress is organized every two years on a different continent.

DACE, which once emerged from NAP, is focused on supply chain management (customer to supplier), with its main goal of improving Cost Engineering in this chain by developing and sharing knowledge as a network and knowledge center.

DACE believes that improving the predictability of projects is something that we must and can achieve in the supply chain management process. That is why the theme for this international conference is “Predictable Projects in a Dynamic World”.

Due to COVID, the congress will be organized in a hybrid form for the first time. Traditionally, 400 to 500 cost engineers, quantity surveyors, value managers and engineers, planners, schedulers, cost estimators, project controls experts, project managers, contract managers and cost managers come to a ‘physical’ World Congress meeting. We now expect about 300 experts (max. 700), decision makers and visitors, from all over the world, to attend live in person in Rotterdam and between 700 to 1,500 participants to attend virtually.

More information about the congress can be found on this website: