37th INVEST Virtual International Conference

The Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) will be holding its 37th International Conference on “Building Resilience Through Value Engineering” virtually this November 20-21, 2021.

Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. “Building resilience” is a characteristic of a progressive, robust pursuit of an opportunity in a competitive environment so that the exploration contributes to the organization’s capability to adapt to change without requiring or resulting in a financial lapse or other crisis. For any organization, resiliency comes through skills and knowledge, which are the driving forces of an organization’s economic development. A high pace of growth over extended periods of time is necessary, and often the main contributing factor is reducing operating costs. High indirect costs, mostly attributable to infrastructure service-related inputs in production including energy usage, transportation, design and development, security, health, telecommunications, water usage, but also soft costs such as insurance, marketing, and professional services apart from the vital expenses pertaining to operation, maintenance, construction, and sustenance costs are all included to develop a total cost for the economic development of an organization.

This conference brings to a single platform, luminaries of corporate organizations, Value Methodology practitioners and users, with various business models for exchanging views through rationalism and empiricism through a network of discussions and presentations.

For more information, visit www.invest-in.org.