Virtual Format Condition Changes

By Bob Rude, PE, CVS-Life, FSAVE – Chairman, SAVE International Certification Board

Well, here we are at the end of August. When all of the COVID issues surfaced, SAVE International agreed to “try out” the virtual format for teaching the Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) course. At this time, the results are all positive and the pass/fail rate for the Value Methodology Associate (VMA) certification exam is the same as when courses were all taught in person.

We recognize that use of the virtual format is already a part of our business model., and have received many ideas, comments and discussions on the issues. The SAVE Certification Board continues to monitor the results of the virtual environment.

In support of continuing our Certified Value Specialist (CVS) candidates progress toward certification, SAVE has made the following temporary changes to the requirements for becoming qualified to sit for the CVS exam. In light of the continuing COVID issues, the SAVE Certification Board has approved the following changes in the qualification requirements for CVS candidates.

CVS Candidates – these changes to the CVS qualifications are in effect until December 31, 2020.

  • The two value studies required between taking the VMF 1 and VMF 2 courses may be completed using the virtual value study format.
  • One half of the required contact hours may be accomplished using the virtual value study format. This means 120 contact hours may be accomplished in the virtual format.
  • The candidates’ facilitation of the three job plan phases (Function Analysis, Creativity and Evaluation) may be conducted using the virtual value study format. The CVS advisor must witness the facilitation experience using the virtual format and provide the required written documentation.
  • All 24-hours of facilitation training may be accomplished using virtual teaching formats.

VMF 1 and VMF 2 Courses

  • The VMF 1 course may continue to use the virtual format until December 31, 2020.
  • The VMF 2 course is not approved for the virtual format.

Candidates submitting their qualifications must clearly identify which of the certification requirements have been conducted using the virtual format.

These changes are in affect only until December 31, 2020 – after which the SAVE Certification Board will revisit the continuance of these virtual qualifications beyond that date. We are going to continue to take the time to try, evaluate and integrate the best from the virtual format to ensure quality value professionals.