Passing of Professor Yoshio Nakagami, CVS, FSAVE

By Stephen Kirk, PhD, FAIA, CVS-Life – Dean, College of Fellows

We are saddened to know that one of our SAVE International Fellows, Prof. Yoshio Nakagami, CVS, FSAVE, passed away on Friday, January 20, 2020 after a severe battle against colorectal and liver cancers at the age of 82. He was one of the pioneers of VE in Japan.

Yoshio had played important roles in the research and study on VE at the SANNO Institute of Management, as well as taking on key responsibilities in the management of the Society of Japanese Value Engineering (SJVE). He had just announced to officially retire from all his professional activities at the end of the year 2019.

Yoshio was a fellow of SAVE International, a certified professional engineer in management engineering and a certified management consultant by All-Japan Federation of Management Organization. He had lectured at the SANNO University, Department of Management Information and also had been active in the SJVE, serving a number of important roles such as chairman of the certification committee and special advisor.

Yoshio specialized in problem solving with the utilization of managerial techniques and project management. He served as a consultant in many automotive manufacturing, civil and architectural engineering and government organizations while at SANNO. Yoshio was one of the three main editors of SJVE’s publication Value Engineering Handbook which is called the bible of Value Engineering application in Japan. He had written a number of papers and books on VE.

Yoshio had been internationally active and taught/instructed VE studies and workshops in various countries overseas. He had also presented papers at VE conferences in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Yoshio had received the Outstanding Achievement in Value Management Award from SAVE International at the 1st Asia VE Conference held in September 2011.

Following are some remembrances and photos of Prof. Yoshio Nakagami, CVS, FSAVE:

Drew Algase, Fellow: We will miss Prof. Yoshio Nakagami. We were honored to have him as a member of the SAVE Fellows. He represented the high ideals of fellowship in this teaching and practice of value engineering.

Bruce Lenzer, Fellow: Nakagami-san was one of my friends in Japan. I met him in the 1980’s and treasure a VE tie clip he gave me. I tried to see him when at the Tokyo SJVE conference in October. However, Satako explained he was too ill to travel to the conference.

Luis Venegas, Fellow: Another of one of our champions has moved on to a better place of peace and joy. He will be missed.

Larry Zimmerman, Fellow: Sato-san. Time passes quickly and we age with time. Please pass on my sympathy to the family and to our colleagues at SJVE.

Don Hannan: Anne and I are quite saddened to receive this news, particularly as we were unaware that Nakagami-san had been fighting a long battle against colorectal and liver cancers. Prof. Yoshio Nakagami will be missed on a global scale for he was one of the true giants in the development and support for VE in Japanese industry, SJVE and Internationally. Prof. Yoshio Nakagami will be honoured and respected by the whole Value Engineering family for many, many years. Personally, I shall miss him and his friendship. Anne and I have known Nakagami-san since early 1989 when I first contacted him regarding VE and considered him a friend and VE colleague whose assistance I have sought and received on a number of occasions. Prof. Yoshio Nakagami, may you Rest in Peace for now you are with your Ancestors. We send our deepest sympathies to his family, especially his son Tohru Nakagami at this time when he is arranging his father’s wake and funeral. We shall pray for him and his family.

Steve Kirk, Fellow: As Fellows of SAVE, we are saddened of this news. He was a great contributor to the value profession. May God bless his family at this time of morning.