Editors’ Voice – September 2019

By David Bloxom, PE, VMA – Editor, Value World

As the Northern Hemisphere’s summer winds to an end, many of you may be experiencing cooling temperatures. Since I moved to Las Vegas, NV, USA in June, I haven’t seen any cooling or see any cooling in the near future. Las Vegas’s summer high temperatures are about 105-113 deg F / 40-45 deg C. Fall isn’t much different. I recognize that there are some SAVE International members that live in hotter areas and would enjoy the 105/40 degree “cool down”. Those in the Southern Hemisphere may be looking forward to the end of Winter.

In Renee Hoekstra’s Presidents Message, she also bids farewell to summer. She obviously enjoyed her summer of the 3Rs – Rest, Relax and Reboot. In her article, Renee recognizes the effort of the contributors to the Value Methodology Book of Knowledge (VMBoK) and discusses an upcoming marketing plan of spreading the word of the VMBoK. Her article also includes a listing of upcoming SAVE international affiliate events. As always, it’s a must read.

Stephen Kirk’s article recognizes new SAVE Fellow, Hisaya Yokoto. Hisaya’s contribution to SAVE and the promotion of the Value Methodology has been, and will continue to be, a level of excellence all SAVE members should strive to achieve.

Tammy Dow gives us an exciting look ahead to the 2020 Value Summit in New Orleans, LA, USA. She provides a great rundown of what is in store for us and a brief history of the French Quarter. I hope to see you all there!

Mikaela Tolf recognizes Rakesh Shreewastav’s appointment to the Board of Directors of The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited in Canada. Please read her article and join me in congratulating Rakesh (rakeshka@hotmail.com) on his appointment.

I want to thank those that have read all of the way to the end of my article this month. For those of you that didn’t, you really missed out – just kidding! And I look forward to my continued work in the Las Vegas area where I will be following the important 3W’s – Water, Water, Water!