Editor’s Voice – January 2022

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

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As we enter 2022 and share our best wishes to family, friends, and colleagues for a healthy and productive New Year, I would also like to state how fortunate we are to have a firm like Talley Management Group (TMG) to support all the heavy lifting and the behind-the-scenes support that helps make SAVE International operate effectively.  You may not see all the moving parts, but for those on the SAVE Board, all the various committees, and those involved with this e-Journal, TMG’s team members are instrumental to keep the lights on and moving directives forward.  Thank you to the team for your diligent support in the past, the present, and the future.

This edition of Value World is a laundry list of things for our Value Practitioners to get moving on:

  • Please continue to be in or join our SAVE Consultant Directory – listings are due by January 31,
  • Please submit papers for the 2022 Value Summit by January 31,
  • Please consider becoming part of the SAVE Board of Directors and apply by February 28, and
  • Please conform with the virtual training guidance as spelled out by the SAVE Certification Board.

Enjoy this issue and stay safe and diligent.