MVF & Goal/QPC Announce the Publishing of the Value Methodology Memory Jogger/Desktop Guide 2nd Edition

By Bruce Lenzer, CVS-Life, FSAVE, CQM/OE, CLA – President, Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation

As stated in an article earlier this year, the Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation (MVF) took on the task to create a concise guide to the value methodology (VM) in 2006. This resulted in the writing and publication of The Value Methodology Pocket Guide in 2008. Since then, several thousand copies have been delivered to users, practitioners, students and leaders of the value methodology across the globe. This guide is similar to other Memory Joggers® and guides published by Goal/QPC, who is also the publisher of the VM Memory Jogger authored by the MVF. As with many bodies of knowledge, VM has had some advances, expansions and improvements over the years. Thus, notable features of the 2nd edition include:

  • Chapter 7, “The Value Methodology 6 Phase Workshop Job Plan.” Includes a major alignment of information consistent with the Function Analysis Guide, authored by the MVF and published by SAVE International® in 2016. The Function Analysis phase now incorporates FAST diagraming as an essential technique in this phase rather than as an appendix.
  • Updates to be consistent with the SAVE International® VM and ASTM E.1699 Standards
  • Inclusion of Value Enhancing Methods (VEM) as Appendix A
  • Adding 6-Sigma as a VEM
  • Updated the glossary of VM terms
  • Updated sources and references
  • Content additions and edits to the VEMs in the Appendix
  • Various edits to ensure consistency with other SAVE International® and MVF published materials

The 2nd edition is complete and will be available at the 2018 Value Summit in Austin, Texas (June 9-12). They are also available to order direct from Goal/QPC – Home of the Memory Jogger® – at

The title of the Pocket Guide has slightly changed and is now officially a “Memory Jogger®” but is also now in two versions and referred to as both “A Desktop Guide for Improving Quality and Value of Projects, Products, and Processes through function analysis, by the Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation” and “A Pocket Guide for Improving Quality and Value of Projects, Products, and Processes through function analysis, by the Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation”. The same content will be offered in a larger Desktop Guide format which is easier to read. The primary reason for a larger format is for improved readability to serve as text for University curriculum.

The purpose for including “Quality” is to remember that VM is an improvement tool that fits well when applying other Quality and improvement techniques. Some members may not know that in 1949, W. Edward Deming escorted Lawrence (Larry) Miles to Japan to introduce Value Analysis/Value Engineering to the Japanese. These two gentlemen each received the highest civilian honorary awards for their contributions of Quality and Value disciplines which tremendously helped Japanese industry. Combining and applying Quality and Value methods, tools and techniques resulted in Japan producing high quality products for excellent value. Because of the close ties with Quality was a basis of the decision to use Goal/QPC as the publishing and marketing source for the VM Memory Jogger®.

Many thanks to several MVF Board members who authored these changes, which include:

  • Drew Algase, Chairman
  • Bruce Lenzer, President
  • Jim Bolton, Executive VP
  • Steve Kirk, VP Education
  • Jim Rains, Past Chairman, Retired
  • Jim Vickers, Treasurer

A special thanks to John Hamilton and his Goal/QPC team for an outstanding response to help facilitate the incorporation of the 2nd edition changes. In addition, appreciation and special thanks go to Ginger Adams and Tammy Dow who helped with reviews and suggestions to improve parts of the guide.