VAC 2023 Value Symposium Recap

By Lucie Parrot, ing., CVS-life, FSAVE – President, Value Analysis Canada

Value Analysis Canada (VAC) just finished its annual symposium. It was a virtual symposium and attracted over 60 attendees from around the world. The keynote speaker, Mr. Steve Tremblay from Quebec Infrastructures, explained how they include value management in their integrated design process.

Twelve other speakers presented either cases studies or techniques to become better value managers. Most of the presentations will be available soon on the VAC website for all to watch.

Two awards were presented to the following recipients:

  1. Quebec Infrastructures – They have been using the value methodology for the last 25 years to optimize many projects. Projects such as rehabilitation and new build for hospitals, schools, museums and other public buildings that affect the lives of all Quebecers.
  2. Metrolinx – Located in the Toronto area, they build transit projects and have implemented a value program (procedures, guidelines, and standards) with the preselection of seven value services suppliers, as well as a e-learning session on value management dedicated to all their project managers.