Editor’s Voice – March/April 2023

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

Well I think I broke all my resolutions and it only took a month or two to get there.  Why, let me think about that – can I evoke the “doing more with less (less time, less resources, etc.)” tagline.  Everything, I mean everything, is getting harder, more complicated, and more steps to potentially do what we did faster and less structured in the past. 

In addition to that, and as noted in Mike Pearsall’s article, workload and VE opportunities are increasing – this should be a nice nexus for us VE practitioners to grow our teams, sharpen our expertise on new projects (I am seeing more product and service organization assessments employing value analysis), and expand the visibility of VE/VM as a tried-and-true business advisory tool/solution. 

Is this a perfect storm for growth, yes. Is it a perfect storm for expanding our management of growth, again yes?  So, some thoughts – what are VE clients doing differently in this growth climate?  What are VE consultants doing differently in this growth climate?  Whatever it is, each of us are taking these challenges on so should we share what we are learning?  Yes, but more critically, in my opinion, is how can we leverage this growth to put a spotlight on the VE service offering we provide?  What’s your answer on that?  My answer is that we need to collectively provide more visibility of what we do outside of our usual peer groups and collectively put out some standard VE slick sheets and marketing information into high volume channels to highlight the tangible impacts of VE, the benefits of VE, and the beauty of using VE as a means to solve problems. 

I believe this is a cornerstone of what our current SAVE International Board of Directors is looking into and let’s make a plug for us practitioners to give the Board insight, thoughts and support to drive this critical element.  An element of providing a platform hitting the right channels to expound on what VE can do for those organizations that have not adopted the Value Methodology yet.

This issue of Value World has many timely items to address.  I hope each of you takes the time to read each one and to get your presentations in to talk about key critical projects you are addressing, but also addressing what I brought up above – marketing plugs and channels to make those plugs to expand the benefits of VE.

Thanks, and Happy Spring (in some parts of the world) to everyone.