Editors Voice – March 2021

By Anthony Dunams, PE, VMA – Editor, Value World

Short and sweet seems to be the norm lately for my comments about past issues of Value World and this writing will be the same. So, this issue is filled with lots of articles revolving around SAVE International needs and the 2021 Virtual Value Summit, but what really is of interest are two articles about regional meetings that were held in different parts of the globe and maintaining connectivity:

  1. The article by Pat Miller on the SAVE Western Region virtual meeting that addressed best practices for virtual facilitation.
  2. The article by Sebastian Meindl on the 1st Value Factory Conference that occurred in February and looked to be a very successful program.

The President’s message also gives a great overview of a lot of moving pieces that Renee Hoekstra and the SAVE Board are working on. I would also recommend that chapters follow and provide notes like Pat Miller did for future Value World articles.

As a sidebar, the SAVE National Capital chapter held a virtual board meeting last week, which in of itself is not the interesting part, but I enjoyed the camaraderie of the meeting and the collaboration that occurred. That meeting led to 2-3 others calls of mutual support and knowledge share. In general, we all succeed and grow when each of us reaches out and supports others in our profession.

And this statement, which I used in the last issue, is critical – stay safe and keep social distancing so that we can all make it the COVID vaccine and start hopefully getting back too normal (a new normal) in the next six months.

Enjoy this issue!