Editors Voice – November 2020

By Anthony Dunams, PE, VMA – Editor, Value World

Well winds of change our blowing in and, as we all know, as Value Methodology (VM) practitioners we are equipped and respected in leading that change. This is the takeaway you should have when reading the article by Emad Shublaq, President of the SAVE International Australia & New Zealand Chapter.

Emad’s article eludes to conditions back in the 1940’s that led to the creation of the VM (global strife, war, limited resources and labor) with what is occurring now under the onslaught of COVID-19 (economic and health impacts that are leading to limited resources due to downturns in production and a labor force that is working from home). Those conditions in the 1940’s led to the birth of the VM and conditions in 2020 are leading to further opportunities for addressing challenges using the VM. Caveat is that he is seeing a decline in opportunities in Australia, but he also sees opportunities for new benefits brought about by this pandemic as we have seen here in the U.S. with upticks in virtual studies improving outcomes of projects we touch.

This issue also contains an article from new SAVE Board member, Javier Masini, who is supporting the continued growth of the documentation and education of current and future VM practitioners. So, as you gobble up your social distanced holiday feasts this year, please also partake in enjoying the VM Guide and provide any and all feedback you can to Javier and the rest of the SAVE Board and the Education Committee.

Enjoy this issue and stay safe out there, as we are seeing another wave of COVID-19 hitting Europe and everywhere else.