SAVE International College of Fellows Nominations

By Stephen Kirk, PhD, CVS, FSAVE, FAIA – Dean, SAVE International College of Fellows

Nominations are being received for the prestigious Fellow Award of SAVE International. Those nominations will be evaluated following a process identified in the College of Fellows (CoF) Operating Charter. This Charter can be found on the College of Fellows page of the SAVE website.

Once the nominations are received by the SAVE Honors & Awards Committee, an initial review will be made to determine if basic requirements have been met such as length of time as a SAVE member and age of the candidate.

Nominations are then forwarded to the Dean of the CoF. A Fellows Selection Committee consisting of the Dean and four members of the CoF will review the applications. The candidate’s qualifications will be studied in greater detail. Up to two candidates having the most exceptional qualifications will then be voted upon by the entire College. Election will reflect a 2/3 majority approval from votes cast by the Fellows.

New fellows will be initiated into the CoF at this year’s Value Summit in Portland, Oregon. They will receive the CoF Medal in recognition of their contributions to SAVE and the value profession.


The CoF seeks to stimulate a sharing of interests among Fellows, promote the purposes SAVE, advance the value profession, mentor young value specialists, and be of ever-increasing service to our Society. The CoF comprises members of SAVE who are elected to fellowship by their peers.

Fellowship is one of the highest honors SAVE can bestow upon a member. Elevation to fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the value professional as an individual but also evaluates before the public and the profession those value specialists who have made significant contributions to the Value Methodology, SAVE, and society.

A Fellow is recognized as one of the Society’s outstanding individuals based on technical competence, accomplishment, service, ethical conduct, and leadership; an outstanding and dedicated individual whose professional leadership is of the highest distinction among members of SAVE in the practice of the value discipline.

Fellows serve as SAVE’s ambassadors with the obligation to serve the value profession by furthering the Value Methodology discipline. The role and responsibilities of the Fellows of SAVE are defined by the CoF.

SAVE Fellows are permitted and requested to use the designation FSAVE following their names as recognition of distinction within the value profession.


The CoF’s mission is threefold:

  • To represent a diverse community of industry leaders who lend their knowledge and insight to the strategic issues facing the industry and the value profession;
  • To identify and assist in the development of future leaders; and
  • To take an active role in the mission of SAVE.


In 1985, SAVE asked the Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation (MVF) to develop standard definitions for VM terms. MVF Chairman Don Parker formed the CoF to accomplish this task and appointed Mike Zabych as the project manager for the definitions project. In September 1985, the SAVE Board of Directors under the leadership of President John A. Jonelis, formally approved the formation of the CoF with the first appointed Fellows:

  • Hank M. Wales
  • Thomas F. Cook
  • Theodore C. Fowler
  • James E. Ferguson
  • William B. Dean
  • Donald E. Parker
  • Michael Zabych

Others were inducted into the CoF upon request and review, and in the 1990’s, the SAVE Honors & Awards Committee developed requirements and a nomination process to become a SAVE Fellow. The CoF then voted to approve the nominations by a 2/3 majority.

In 1998, the first SAVE International Consultants Directory, which included the standard definitions, was published by the CoF. On July 2, 2003 Don Parker created the CoF page on the MVF website, linking to Fellows’ biographies and photos. Ginger W. Adams was appointed in 2003 as the first CoF Dean and served for seven years. She initiated the CoF mentoring program for new SAVE members and managed the activities of the CoF. Stephen J. Kirk was elected the second dean in 2010.

A CoF breakfast is held annually at the SAVE Value Summit to discuss issues of importance. In 2013, a CoF medal was created and awarded to all SAVE Fellows. The Fellows page is now on the SAVE website. The CoF is periodically asked to assist with special SAVE projects, such as development of the SAVE Function Analysis Guide, published in 2016. Service to the profession continues to be an important part of the CoF.