A New Year and A Lot to be Excited About

By Michael Pearsall, P.Eng., CVS, CVM, FEC – Director of Conferences, SAVE International 

As we embrace this new year ahead, we can also get excited about the upcoming SAVE International 2019 Value Summit. We have finished evaluating all of the papers and are about to start the process of contacting the chosen presenters and confirming their attendance. 

I am very excited to say that we will have a great program with three very full tracks planned. There should be something for everyone to enjoy no matter your background or experience level. As always there are a couple of papers that I am very excited about and I can’t wait to hear them presented and talk to the presenters. One paper in particular overwhelmed me when I read it – I won’t spoil the surprise by saying any more about it prior to the Summit. 

One thing I really enjoy about my current SAVE Board of Directors position is the opportunity to read and evaluate each and every paper submission. It is a big task with a number of long tiring nights, but it is so rewarding. I am always comforted by the expected papers and in awe at some of the innovative things that are discussed in other papers. There seems to be no limit to the use of the methodology and associated tools. 

I am also excited to report that response to our dedicated Transportation track has been strong and we are going to be able to offer two full days for those interested in that specific track. Hats off again to Mark Gabel for all his hard work pulling this track together. 

We already have one excellent keynote speaker confirmed – Alistair Lowe-Norris will be the Monday keynote and presenting on helping people to change and think differently. Value specialists always have to work hard to encourage people to think differently. However, changing the way that people think is HARD! People naturally resist change. Alistair will present new and exciting ways to engage audiences, reduce resistance, realize benefits and ultimately increase return on investment. This session will use real examples to show you how small nudges can be used to make large changes in user behavior. Understanding these techniques will allow you to improve your ability to help people change. I personally can’t wait to hear more on this. 

Lastly, it is never too early to jump in as a sponsor of the 2019 Value Summit. Sponsorship is very important; without it, we cannot have a quality event at a reasonable cost. Please start now considering sponsorship opportunities

Your enthusiastic and dedicated 2019 Value Summit planning committee, with the help of the Cascadia Chapter, is off to a running start and we look forward to seeing you in Portland, Oregon June 8-11, 2019!