Editors’ Voice – October 2018

By David Bloxom, PE, VMA

Hello all! My name is David Bloxom and I have been given the honor of being the new Editor of Value World. Becoming the editor of anything is quite ironic as it took me two tries to pass English 101 – but that’s a story for another day and publication. My editorial comments will be professional and respectful while trying to inject some levity where appropriate.

The previous Co-Editors, Jill Woller and Travis Godsoe, did a fantastic job. They dedicated countless hours of their own time making this article an example of how it is to be done. I have some huge shoes to fill – two pairs of shoes actually since I only have one pair of feet I have my work cut out for me.

A little background on me: I have over 35 years of technical and engineering experience in electrical and control systems design and implementation. My first VE project was in 1998 for a Campus Wide Emergency Generator project for the City of Kent, Washington. Since then I have worked on many VE projects for clients such as the City of New York, King County (Seattle area), Washington, and the Boeing Company. I am a registered professional electrical engineer in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington, and a registered professional Control Systems engineer in Arizona and Oregon. I am also a Value Methodology Associate (VMA).

There are some great articles in this issue as well as the opportunity to contribute to SAVE International and highlight your expertise and talents.

Read the President’s Message to find out what happened at the SAVE Strategic Planning session and some of the important outcomes of the meeting.

There is an interesting article about the Miles Value Foundation Innovation Forum at the 2018 Value Summit in Austin, TX. I attended the Forum and found it very enlightening.

The Education Forum is calling for input on the SAVE Value Methodology Body of Knowledge Glossary of Terms and Table of Contents. You have a great opportunity contribute by expressing your ideas on the subject.

In the 2019 Call for Papers article you will see how to submit ideas for presenting technical papers at the 2019 Value Summit in Portland, OR. It is very important for us to share our experiences and innovative concepts to advance the Value Engineering profession as a whole. There is some important information on a special VE track and a call for workshop instructors and ideas for workshops.

To all of the future contributors, I really look forward to reading the articles that our colleagues submit for publication, and I expect to find something new to learn in each one. We have a huge number of amazing professionals in this organization with a wide variety of talent and experience. I apologize in advance to those authors for the minor edits I may need to make; however, I pledge to you that my edits will not change the technical content of your article or modify your message at all. It’s your story, not mine, and I look forward to your contribution!