Editors’ Voice – June 2018

By Jill Woller, CVS-Life, FSAVE, and Travis Godsoe, VMA

This month’s Value World describes a flurry of activity for SAVE International and the Miles Value Foundation with the advent of summer. There are new trustees to usher in and admired titans of our field to honor.

The main event for practitioners of the Value Methodology is the 2018 Value Summit in Austin, Texas. As we all arrive in Austin for this year’s Summit, some of us will be practicing our presentations and some will be meeting fellow practitioners for the first time. Still others might be trying to score tickets to the ZZ Top concert at the concurrent Republic of Texas Biker Rally, as one does. To paraphrase Walt Whitman: we are large, we contain multitudes. Mike Pearsall delves further into the possibilities during your visit in this month’s article on what to expect at the Summit.

To whet your whistle for the bevy of techniques, strategies and tools of value management that will be on display in the coming weeks, Steve Kirk’s education forum provides another in his series of “Economic Techniques Used in VM”, this time focused on Sensitivity Analysis.

This is a time for collaboration and for taking stock of where we collectively stand, what we have learned, and how the future might unfold. A time for making outward connections and inward evaluations to improve our use of the Value Methodology. A time to learn the latest tricks of the trade. And most assuredly, it is a time for reveling in the wonders of air conditioning during a Texas summer. We look forward to seeing you all there!