Birthday Celebration of Lawrence D. Miles

By Anil Kumar Mukhopadhyay, CVS-Life

With the objective of cross learning and sharing of VE experiences, “A Knowledge Sharing Session on Value Engineering” on the very auspicious day in the VE fraternity (21 April 2018, the birthday of Lawrence D. Miles, father of Value Engineering) was jointly organised by Jamshedpur Utility Services Company (JUSCO) and the Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) EZC. This session focused discussion on the evolution of different VE aspects and the use of VE in creativity for idea generation. It was followed by a presentation of an implemented VE case study and the life history of Mr. L.D. Miles. Around 50 professionals, mainly from JUSCO, Tata Steel Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, and TRF participated.

Program Schedule:

  1. Keynote Address by Mr. Satyajit Chakraborty, DM, WM, JUSCO
  2. Address of Chief Guest by Mr. PS Reddy, MD, JEMIPOL & President INVEST
  3. Learning on FAST Diagram by Mr. Surya P. Prabhaker, CVS-Life
  4. VE Gain at Design Stage by Mr. Amit Ghosh, CVS-Life, TRF
  5. VE Case Study by Mr. Arijit Chakraborty, AVS, JUSCO
  6. Brief Life History of Mr. L.D. Miles by Mr. Anil Kumar Mukhopadhyay, CVS-Life & Mr. Alok Ghosal, CVS-Life, followed by a small quiz session by Mr. Surya P. Prabhaker, CVS. This session was well received and appreciated by the participants.
  7. Guest of Honour Address by Mr. Rajan Nagre, Chairman, INVEST Certification Board

Before the conclusion of the program, Mr. Ashish Mathur, MD, JUSCO addressed the gathering and presented a small gift of token to all the speakers.

The program was organised in the main hall of Beldhi Club at Jamshedpur, India and nicely conducted by Mrs. Uma Rammna, WM, JUSCO.

The event closed with the concluding remarks and vote of thanks by Mr. Abhishek Moulik, AVS, JUSCO.

The learning arising out of the program will help us in further reinforcing our process and system towards better application of the Value Methodology for delivery of improved value proposition.