ICB Chairman Introduces VE to Huge Population Through State Government TV Channel in India

By Rajan Nagre, CVS-Life, FINVEST – Chairman, Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) Certification Board and Vice Chairman, INVEST-Western Zonal Council

Mr. Rajan Nagre, Chairman of the Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) Certification Board and Vice Chairman of INVEST-Western Zonal Council, was invited by Mumbai Doordarshan Kendra to speak on Value Engineering. His 45 minute interview was telecast twice on DD Sahyadri channel on 29 March 2018 in the program called “Sakhi Sahyadri” at 2 pm and 11 pm India time. This program is very popular, especially amongst female viewers.

Mr. Nagre beautifully coined the words “Mulya Tantra” for Value Engineering to pass on a clear message that the technique is not confined to Engineers, which appealed to all the viewers. He explained the fundamentals of Value Engineering (Mulya Tantra) in the local Marathi language, making it simple to understand, with examples from day to day life. He illustrated the strength of function language and delivered a very clear message in lucid language that this technique can be used by all people, from house wives to corporate executives; in government agencies and in personal, professional and social life; for a variety of applications like problem solving, strategic planning, business development, career and financial planning, successful married life and projects of social or public interest.

It is first time in the history of INVEST that an office bearer has introduced Value Engineering to a wider audience through the state government TV channel, which has evoked interest from people in this technique from India and abroad. Anchor Ms. Manisha Surve did a marvellous job of structuring proper questions in order to bring a clear explanation of Value Engineering to the audience, within a short span of time.

Many thanks to DD Sahyadri for taking up this topic for the benefit of people and to ICB Chairman Mr. Nagre for doing this commendable job in line with his commitment towards PACE activities initiated by SAVE International.

This episode is now available on YouTube on link below: