Editor’s Voice – August 2022

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

I think I am out of sorts from enjoying a return to a relatively normal summer of travel, including visiting new locations and seeing family. COVID is not fully behind us, but lifestyles are trying to revert back to normal for me and I hope for others also.

So, here’s my health and safety update – still be wary about COVID and get vaccinated, get additional booster vaccinations, and still wear a mask to protect yourselves. COVID will be with us for a while to the point it becomes a seasonal flu, in my humble opinion. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated that without the vaccines and boosters, one will struggle to get through omnipresent issues with COVID.

I hope you enjoy this issue, including the article by SAVE International’s President, Michael Pearsall, on delivering an effective VE/VM elevator speech. It is so critical to succinctly relay the impacts and benefits of what we do and to continue the growth, the spread and implementation of the Value Methodology service offering.

I’m keeping this Editor’s Voice article short, because as I noted above, summer travel has worn me out. That’s a good thing and I hope everyone else is enjoying your summer so far.

Enjoy this issue and stay cool out there.