Promoting VM to Wider Industry Sectors

By Satoko Uesugi – Deputy Secretary General & Director of International Affairs, Society of Japanese Value Engineering

The Society of Japanese Value Engineering (SJVE) was founded in 1965 as the first international affiliate of SAVE International. During the 1970s, Japan was in the midst of a rapid economic growth period. Value Engineering (VE) matched with the needs of Japanese industries, and it was widely introduced into the manufacturing and construction industries.

For better or for worse, this trend in VE has remained intact. SJVE is positioning itself as a relevant organization addressing various social issues and providing solutions by employing VE. In working through this initiative, SJVE is targeting new industrial sectors such as service, IT, and those organizations dealing with sustainable development goals, etc.

SJVE is seeking case studies of VE applications in such industries from overseas countries. If you have had an experience in using VE for such areas, we would like to hear how you have implemented this and what results you have seen. Please email Satoko Uesugi, Director of Overseas Affairs, SJVE at

We look forward to hearing from you.