Report on the SAVE International Asia Regional Event

By Satoko Uesugi – Deputy Secretary General & Director of International Affairs, Society of Japanese Value Engineering

The first joint event on Value Engineering (VE) hosted by SAVE International Asia Region was a great success. The event was part of SAVE’s initiative in rebranding the Society as a global organization – promoting exchange of insights, trends and practices related to the Value Methodology (VM) among VE organizations, societies and professionals in Asia and other countries around the world.

The event was held virtually via Zoom on March 25, 2022 and organized by VM professionals from India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Taiwan and Japan, and led by Anita Lukose, SAVE Asia Regional Manager. Over 50 participants were in attendance.

The event was conducted according to the following agenda:

  • Welcome – Ms. Anita Lukose, SAVE Asia Regional Director
  • SAVE International – Mr. Mike Pearsall, SAVE President
  • Guest Presentation – Dr. Manabu Sawaguchi, CVS, PhD, Japan
  • Discussion – Dr. Mei-yung Leung, Ph.D., Hong Kong
  • Closing – Ms. Dorine Cleton, SAVE Director of Global Affairs
  • Thanks – Ms. Satoko Uesugi, Director of International Affairs, SJVE

Dr. Manabu Sawaguchi, CVS, PhD, Society of Japanese Value Engineering (SJVE), conducted a great presentation on the topic of “What is 0-Look VE? – VE & TRIZ + Future Prediction Analysis.” Participants did enjoy it and raised a lot of questions in order to fully understand the successful innovation of railcar toilet project.

During the breakout room discussion, we assigned all the participants into five different groups roughly classified by countries: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines and international. Each attendee answered two questions, shared their views in groups, then finally the facilitators presented a summary of their respective groups at the plenary session.

  • What is the current Value Management, Improvement or Decision-Making Practices in your country?
    • Limited VM knowledge in Philippines
    • Have VM training in HK
    • Popular in construction, product, design engineering, etc
    • Conduct pre-workshop activities
    • Both physical and virtual VM workshops are applied
    • Typical job plan is adopted in general, while cost and quality management are also used by Japan and India
    • Mainly for promoting innovation in India
  • What do you expect from our future Learning Sessions?
    • Expanding VM knowledge
    • Collaboration with different parties locally and internationally
    • VM application sharing
    • New techniques

We are happy to report that the evaluations of the Learning Session were very favorable, as 70% of the attendees responded with an “excellent” rating and the remaining 30% provided a “good” rating. This was a great event to connect with value professionals in different countries, to drive motivation and inspiration regarding the implementation of VM, and hopefully to continue doing this forum with an improved program in the future.