Editor’s Voice – December 2021

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

Time seems to be moving so quickly and the fall season is truly here.  I hope everyone is enjoying their family and extended families safely, but also being cautious since the recent news is showing a resurgence of COVID and another variant emerging.  What are the functions of life necessary right now to be practiced, shall we say PROTECT FAMILY AND PEERS, STAY RESILIENT, MAINTAIN SEPARATION, what else? 

Function analysis is the core of what we do as value management practitioners and, also critical to the effectiveness of our work products, is the well-honed knowledge and the effectiveness of the individuals in our studies (and in our lives).  The approach and steps we take in our studies are also applicable in our lives – we plan, prepare, meet, solve problems, present ideas, enjoy the comradery, travel safely home, and support the implementation of the proposals developed during the Value Methodology (VM) workshop. 

In our personal lives and while dealing with the challenges of our lives, remember to plan, prepare, meet, solve problems, present, and meet challenges head on. Enjoy the process and the people around you, implement the solutions that benefit you and those around you, and ensure those people around you or protected, safe, and return safely home.  So, do not forget those things that are important in your studies are also important in our day-to-day livelihood. 

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet edition of Value World.  Look at what the Dutch Association of Cost Engineering (DACE) has planned in Rotterdam in June 2022, the next SAVE Value Summit in Arizona also in June 2022, and as Mike Pearsall notes and echoed above, stay on the lookout for the opportunities to employ and promote the use of VM in all areas of your life. 

Enjoy this issue and stay safe and diligent.