Editor’s Voice – November 2021

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

It seems to me that we are in a situation where VE business seems to be back up and running and I hope my VE colleagues across the world are seeing that.  Over the last two weeks I have been involved in numerous proposals and responding to task orders for current clients (clients that have been, for all intents and purposes, closed over the last few years but the doors seem to be wide open now).

In this issue, the key articles to focus on, frankly, is everything!  Lots of news with partnered organizations about conferences they have coming up in the next two weeks.  Lots of discussion on the impact of virtual studies and conferences and the benefits of virtual meetings.  A great article by Mile Pearsall, SAVE International’s President, on keeping VE viable and in the forefront every season of the year, year in and year out.  And lastly a warning shot from John Corcoran, SAVE’s Director of Conferences, about the upcoming SAVE 2022 Value Summit in Arizona – but more critically an announcement will be coming out soon for paper submission for this upcoming Summit.  Getting together in person as a collective group of peers will be fantastic as well as getting out in front of our peers and presenting on any of the numerous amazing projects we do as value consultants.

Enjoy this issue and enjoy the coming of winter!