Editor’s Voice – October 2021

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

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As you read this issue and as mentioned last month, the business world and the commerce world look to be somewhat returning to normal.  Our colleagues are returning to face-2-face meetings and new challenges are cropping up which the current elected officials are driving (e.g., federal employees requiring vaccinations to return to the job and encouraging the private sector to do the same). 

I am currently in the midst of scheduling a large workshop that will include 12 subject matter experts over 6.5 days with 5.5 of those days together in a workshop setting.  And when I approached the team with the clients wishes to have the study in their offices, I received responses of “I’m vaccinated but I am not meeting with others in a room for a week” to “I’m not vaccinated but I do have COVID antibodies and want to be in the study but don’t want to wear a mask” to “The workshop team either has to be all vaccinated to all unvaccinated with everyone sharing the same risk and mentality.”  So it posed some problems but if one takes a reasonable approach a solution can come forth.  My solution blended the above comments – all participants are vaccinated, asked the client for a large room to make sure all can spread out, and masks are worn based on the individual’s preference.  The last thing one needs is bringing a qualified team together from various regions across the U.S. into a stuffy room for a week dealing with a major capital expenditure for this client and having to worry during the process that the participants are compromising themselves or their colleagues. 

Note that we are not out of the woods yet so please continue to practice safe and effective value management workshops.

There are lots of interesting tidbits in this this issue from Mike Pearsall’s comparison of harnessing energy to harnessing value workshops, OMB’s push on evidence-based budget requests, and many, many updates on conferences and meetings planned over the next few months. 

Enjoy this issue and enjoy the beginning of Fall!