2022 Value Summit Update

By John Corcoran, PE, CVS – Director of Conferences, SAVE International

Hello everyone and welcome to another issue of Value World.  I hope you are all staying healthy and safe as we transition from summer to fall.  The weather for the past month has been such an important story for so many of us no matter where we all live.  The term “unprecedented times” that is largely associated with the COVID pandemic is expanding to include the many catastrophic weather events that are affecting so many of us.  Please take all precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during these dangerous weather events.  Remember when “talking about the weather” was just a synonym for boring conversation?

There is not much news this month related to the 2022 Value Summit.  But the Value Summit Planning Committee is excited to have engaged SAVE International’s Arizona Chapter to assist with the event planning.  It is always nice to have the support of the local chapter for the Summit and we look forward to working with the Arizona Chapter to promote local participation.

The planning for the 2022 Value Summit is beginning to gain momentum.  I cannot wait to see you all in person in Arizona in 2022.  Until then, please stay safe and healthy!