Editor’s Voice – September 2021

By Anthony Dunams, PE, CVS – Editor, Value World

Like other Value Methodology (VM) practitioners, I am starting to schedule face-to-face (F2F) VM workshops again, which I am excited for.  I do relish the opportunity to travel and to lead workshops in person because of the human connection and the dynamics of working together in a room leading a team to develop stretch solutions and to build-off of each other’s strengths. For me a little of the latter was missed doing virtual studies as well as the ability to stand over a table or in front of a project plan with the collective eyes of the team. 

Getting back to normal is not what we are doing though. I believe we are utilizing a different blended model using the best of what we did in the past during F2Fworkshops with new skills learned during virtual studies. 

My first study in June was a hybrid study with majority of the team in the room, but a few key people back in their offices. When I led the team through the function analysis piece, I utilized Miro to engage the crowd in the room and gave access rights to those on the conference call to expand and grow the FAST diagram as we brainstormed function.  It worked and worked well – the process expert also used Miro to improve process diagrams that were incorporated into the out-brief (workshop reveal) report and in the value-based design charette (VBDC) report so Miro, as expected, worked well as a tool. 

For those out there that have also gotten back to F2F meetings – what have you employed from virtual studies into your F2F workshops?  If you feel like sharing, please send an email to the SAVE business office at info@value-eng.org with ideas you have employed from the experience you gained via virtual studies (I’ll provide an update to all our readers for our next issue). 

I must admit, I wish I had more to share this time especially after Mike Pearsall’s article in this edition that echoed my calls to action from my last Editors Voice.  But I think keeping that topic present in our minds is what is key, so thanks Mike for your kind words and for keeping the topic current. And to follow up on items I indicated that I was doing, I have scheduled my graduate seminar topic on Value Management for November at my alma mater and am excited about doing that.  I also hope that everyone does take Mike up on his ENGtalks and Webinar Series that he posts in his article – I will be digging into them this coming weekend. 

John Corcoran also provides an update on future conferences, and I think that the rotation between a F2F conference one year followed by a virtual conference makes sense with the global nature of our organization. If anyone has any input or thoughts for John, please reach out to him.

As usual, enjoy this edition of Value World and be safe out there.