Editor’s Voice – August 2020

By Anthony Dunams, PE, VMA – Editor, Value World

Yesterday I had a call with other SAVE International Chapter Presidents regarding the status of our four chapters in the Northeast part of the U.S.  Frankly, it was like many SAVE calls before where the same problems crop up – how to get engagement from your chapter when no one wants to volunteer time, how to get people to attend meetings when your chapter may be spread across many states, and how to get more out of your chapter officers when all our officers are volunteers who have other primary roles/jobs already (then add the complication of COVID which is adding additional personal obligations to everyone’s plate).

So, it was a typical call but with more colorful language used and colorful stories told.  And if you can recall from my first Editors Voice article last month, I spoke of why I stay engaged with SAVE being 1) the unique business advisory service we provide and 2) the unique characters of the SAVE community.  In the end, the SAVE community will still have the same challenges as we continue into the future – but don’t forget that we are a people-based solution-facilitating community and we should count ourselves fortunate to have the time to discuss and be present with each other, well virtually now, and enjoy that glass of wine and that story with our colleagues because that interaction is rewarding and beneficial on its own.

As you will see in this issue, we have an article by Giuseppe Nespoli on addressing change in organizations using VE and Agile techniques.  I think you will find this an interesting read and it also brings up something of unique value regarding Value Engineering (VE).  As we all know, VE is such a cosmopolitan concept that is pairs well with other techniques and it is often linked to design thinking, lean six sigma, reliability-centered design, sustainability, and now Agile and numerous other techniques.  VE is truly “a Man/Woman for all Seasons” – a technique appropriate for every occasion and application (and I believe Jeff Rude’s presentation at this year’s virtual Value Summit guides you to that outcome with the limitless opportunities VE can fill).

Enjoy this issue and stay safe out there!