MVF Scholarships for 2020

By Stephen Kirk, PhD, CVS, FSAVE, FAIA – Vice President Education, Miles Value Foundation

The Laurence D. Miles Value Foundation (MVF) is offering up to two scholarships of $1,000 each to university students and/or mid-career professionals interested in the Value Methodology (VM). Below is a description of the scholarships and submittal requirements:

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Student at an Accredited University Offering a VM Course Recognized by MVF or SAVE International
    • Interest in VM as part of degree (give statement)
    • Future career plans including VM (give statement)
    • Use of scholarship funds (VM research, additional VM education classes, etc.)
    • Pre-requisite: Successfully taken VM semester course (submit syllabus from the university and letter from university confirming attendance)
    • Award of $1,000 to university full time student *
  • Mid-Career Professional Interested in Attending VMF 1 or VMF 2
    • Interest in VM as part of career development (give statement)
    • Future career plans including VM (possibly a career change, give statement)
    • Use of scholarship funds (i.e. University VM course, VMF 1 or VMF 2 training)
    • Pre-requisite: minimum of 5 years in a current profession (statement of current career)
    • Award of $1,000 to any U.S. mid-career professional

* Those from North America and countries where SAVE International has either a chapter (EMA, Gulf, Mexico, Taiwan), an international affiliate (India, Hungary, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan) or an inter-society agreement (Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands). Also, for students that are SAVE International student members.

If interested, please provide the information listed above for the scholarship desired by April 15, 2020 to Stephen Kirk, MVF VP Education, at

MVF will review submittals and decide based on best submittals.