Value Methodology for the New Generation

By Jacqueline Fahmy, PhD, PMP, CSSBB, CVS – Director, Membership, SAVE International

Do you think that the new generation will be interested in professional courses, professional training and joining professional organizations like SAVE International, PMI, ASQ and others? Before my recent workshop, I thought that the new generation wanted to spend their time playing PlayStation, mobile games and making the world automated without effort – but I was totally wrong!

The new generation knows very well their true needs. They listen with passion but only if you have words that deserve listening. They are just more practical than us.

The recent workshop organized by the SAVE Eastern Mediterranean & Africa chapter was a true challenge. We needed to gain the attention of engineers with wide backgrounds in their discipline (minimum 20 years), engineers that have a great position in a prestigious organization, and students from a university.

Despite the differences in age, position and knowledge, all of them were able to use and apply the tools and techniques of Value Engineering . They were able to discuss and exchange ideas as well. The experts provided their vast engineering knowledge with the students and the students were a great source of idea generation.

Never hesitate to get the new generation involved! They represent our future, and we can learn more from them and understand their true needs, in addition to how they measure and evaluate value.