VMBoK Update

By Robert Stewart, CVS-Life, FSAVE, PMP, PMI-RMP – Director of Education, SAVE International

The revised draft of the Value Methodology Body of Knowledge (VMBoK) has been completed and the manuscript is now in the process of being professionally copy-edited and illustrated. The VMBoK review process involved approximately 100 members of SAVE International and the level of participation, not to mention the passion demonstrated, was outstanding. The review process yielded countless edits and greatly improved the quality of the document. On behalf of the VMBoK Technical Committee, I would like to thank the participation of each and every one of those that contributed their time and effort to the process.

The current goal is to have the VMBoK Guide completed and ready to publish by the time of the upcoming Value Summit this June in New Orleans, LA. I am currently coordinating with the rest of the SAVE Board of Directors and Certification Board to integrate the VMBoK Guide into the larger professional certification process. We will be providing the membership updates as the Education Plan takes shape. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

Finally, we have sought to include different cultural perspectives on value in the appendix of the VMBoK Guide as supplementary information. To date, we have received some excellent material from our colleagues in India and Japan in addition to covering the traditions of Western civilization. We would like to invite additional cultural perspectives from our friends across the globe. Please contact me via email at rob@vms-inc.com if you would like to discuss providing suitable content in support of this effort.