SAVE’s Board of Directors Prepare for the Next 12-18 Months

By Renee Hoekstra, CVS – Vice President/President-Elect, SAVE International

On September 8-9, 2018 SAVE International gathered a team of volunteer leaders to engage in a two-day strategic planning retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to capture the vision for the Society, identify areas of focus, and set goals and objectives for the coming three years.

Some of the major outcomes of the strategy retreat included the adoption of a new vision and mission statement, and identification of SAVE’s core audiences:

Vision: Inspiring improvement through the realization of value.

Mission: Generate excitement and achieve global demand for the Value Methodology by promoting, advocating, certifying and educating.

Core audiences: Academia/Young Professionals, Chapters, Federal Government, Private Sector (Industry and Manufacturing), and Professional Organizations.

The team defined actions that can be taken to address the needs of each core audience. During the discussion, the team identified some specific elements that address our PACE initiative to be accomplished over the next 12-18 months. This includes a transition of Board members in helping to support these actions. We are also looking for individuals who strongly believe in our Vision and Mission, and who are willing to engage with us to continue to grow our Society that will make us proud and excited to be members.

As an example, the following was identified as key focus areas within the PACE initiative:


  1. Reaching out to complementary organizations to develop key alliances and/or inter-organizational agreements
  2. Integrate students and Universities into our organization
  3. Increase corporate and government involvement
  4. Market SAVE as the key organization for “value” and associated tools


  1. Support Chapters
    • Activities
    • Educational opportunities
    • Presentations
  2. Improve Summit Attendance
    • Promote PDU system for certification
    • Develop tracks that attract specific user/owners
    • Manage costs


  1. Certification to be recognized world-wide
  2. Develop alternate opportunities for certification
  3. Develop a certification Ethics Committee to maintain standards
  4. Manage the certification process; ensure it is user friendly


  1. Complete the Value Methodology Body of Knowledge (VMBoK) Guide and Glossary
  2. Revamp VMF 1 and VMF 2 training slides
  3. Improve/increase educational opportunities
  4. Work closely with the Director of Conferences to ensure PDU’s match certification requirements

We need the support and help from our members to help bring these initiatives to life and develop specific action plans for what we can do to accomplish them. Our members know best. The SAVE Board of Directors cannot do this alone – they will need the help of our membership.

Join with our new Board in June by approaching one of our Board members in Portland, OR to volunteer and help us grow and improve our Society!