Editors’ Voice – February 2019

By David Bloxom, PE, VMA – Editor, Value World

Happy (Roman Calendar) New Year everyone! I know, this is the February issue but it is the first article of the new year for me.

Stephen Kirk’s article is the “Call for Nominations for the Fellow Award of SAVE International”. I encourage you to read his article and make a nomination of someone that you feel deserves the special recognition.

In this month’s Transportation column, Mike Pearsall called on some friends to write about the important work that Sound Transit (ST), which is a major regional transportation agency in the Seattle, Washington area. ST has a very rigorous VE process that is definitely helping all of the stakeholders of their engineering/construction projects.

SAVE President’s article, by Kathy Bethany, is an update of the activities of the Board of Directors and the Certification Board. She gives us all a wonderful recap of their efforts on the VM Body of Knowledge, certification, marketing and communication, membership and chapter activities, the Value Summit and the work of the Director of Global Affairs. I echo her call for volunteers – organizations like SAVE survive because of the efforts of volunteers like you!