Editors’ Voice – December 2018

By David Bloxom, PE, VMA – Editor, Value World

Wow! This is already my third issue as Editor. An unseen benefit I have experienced from this position is the opportunity to read some very important articles and really think them through to help the authors and readers.

I’d like to start by making a “call for being of service” for SAVE International members. Many Chapter Boards need your help by helping your Chapter Board. I have recently become the SAVE Western US Regional Manager. Like the other Regional Managers, I communicate with Chapters within my area. There are some Chapters that do not have a full contingent of Board members; some don’t even have a President. I encourage you to seek out any member of your Chapter Board and see if there is a Board position that matches your skill sets and has time requirements you feel you can meet.

SAVE’s President, Katherine Bethany, has written an article on the importance of diversity on our VE teams. This is a very good subject to keep in mind. Not only is having diversity on our teams right, but many of our clients have very diverse staff and our industry will be given appropriate credit for supporting the value of diversity. As we all know, SAVE International exists to support Value Engineering/Value Methodology professionals worldwide.

This month’s issue includes a key article titled “Standards for Value” that discussed the relation of US and European standards. Drew Algase, Bruce Lenzer, Istvan Tarjani and Janka Tarjani have written an article that will help all of us worldwide who do work in both the US and Europe. Even if you don’t work on international projects, the article does a great job of condensing terms that can be a quick reference guide for both standards.

Last month, Jacqueline Fahmy, SAVE’s Director of Membership, rounded up the Regional Managers on a conference call to outline their duties and explain what we should be doing in coordination with the Chapter Presidents in each region. If you are a Chapter President, you will be hearing from your Regional Manager very soon, if you haven’t already. The Regional Managers will be helping all members by increasing cross-chapter communication for program coordination, sharing ideas that will improve all chapters and increasing SAVE membership.