Editors’ Voice – November 2018

By David Bloxom, PE, VMA

The Importance of Spreading Knowledge

Spreading the knowledge is King, but making sure we have it written well is just as important. The Value Methodology (VM) has a long powerful legacy. It has helped industry, governments and businesses save billions of Euros, Pounds, Dollars, Pesos, Yen, Renminbi, Won, Koruna, Ruble, Rupee, Franc, Zloty, Real, and many others. VM has contributed greatly to societies around the globe.

In this month’s issue, Robert Stewart’s article gives us an update on the Value Methodology Body of Knowledge (VMBoK) Guide. The VMBoK Committee is in the process of incorporating member feedback regarding the proposed changes to the Glossary of Terms.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read Mike Pearsall’s article about next year’s Value Summit, being held June 8-11, 2019 in Portland, OR. He does a great job on outlining the importance to you and the SAVE International community of doing a good technical paper presentation at a conference.

My writing this month is based on a similar theme – the importance and process to writing an article for a technical publication like this one. They are really promoting the same thing – the education of the importance of Value Engineering projects and the VM.

The regular contributors for Value World do a great job helping educate us all. They write about their experiences, how the VM helped their clients, how they applied the VM to a particular project and its successes. They talk about the “gotchas” that they experienced to help you validate them on your projects. The list goes on and on.

Not everyone feels that they can write an article. Many are concerned that they will look “stupid” or have their ideas “shot down”. I felt that way for a long time, but I was able to get past it.

If writing an article sounds like something you think you may want to do, try it. But you don’t need to tell anyone and don’t push yourself unless you want to. I often decide to do one on a certain subject. I think about it for a month or so and I write it over a month or so. I run it by people, such as my friend of over 25 years and proper English editor, Shari. This article has had her wonderful review and a few notes of “Come on Dave, what in the world are you trying to say here?”, and then “You just said that so eloquently! Why don’t you write it just like that?” Once you are happy with it, offer it up to someone or a publication like this. I know that with this organization there is a good likelihood it will be accepted.

I was trying to think of examples of things that would not fit the VM and couldn’t. Subjects like a better way to do a sport, cooking, learning how to drive a car, dealing with kids or elderly parents – there are always ways to use the VM concepts in every part of your life.

If you have read this far, I hope you have found some kernel of knowledge and encouragement, and maybe some inspiration to write. I am always here to help – just email me at david@ecsve.com.