MVF Paper of the Year

By Stephen Kirk, CVS Life, FSAVE, FAIA, LEED AP – Director, Vice President Education, Miles Value Foundation

This year’s Miles Value Foundation (MVF) Paper of the Year went to Uttam Bane, Parag Madhukar Panse and Swapnil Dhanale. The paper was titled, “Value Enhancement of Differential Assembly”.

The award was presented at the SAVE International 2018 Value Summit Awards Banquet in Austin, Texas last month. The authors are all senior managers from Mahindra & Mahindra Limited in Mumbai, India. This VA/VE study addressed a tractor differential sub-assembly for the rear transmission.

The paper was selected based on the criteria of:

  1. Function analysis
  2. FAST diagram
  3. Ideas from the functions Identified
  4. Creativity
  5. Change identified
  6. Magnitude of the savings

In other words, the judges were looking for a paper that contained ”Function Inspired Change” in the Value Analysis. This excellent paper included six FAST diagrams and many pages on function analysis. It clearly illustrated how the authors went from functions to creative ideas. Implemenatation of the recommendations resulted in significant value improvement to the product component studied.

An abridged version of the MVF Paper of the Year, Value Enhancement of Differential Assembly, by Uttam Bane, Parag Madhukar Panse and Swapnil Dhanale is also featured in this month’s issue of Value World. Or you can read the complete version here.